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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I helped contribute 35,000 meals to Kansas City Harvesters - What did you do today?

I helped contribute 35,000 meals to Kansas City Harvesters - What did you do today?

Most days end with a conversation with my two sons. We typically discuss what we had done that day, what we learned and what we need to do to prepare for the next day.

My son, Chandler, started the conversation that he had already completed his 17 pages of homework. He then proceeded by showing me the homework. I figured it was something simple and it was really 10 minutes of homework. In reality it looked difficult. I asked him how he was able to squeeze it in between practices tonight. He said his goal wasn’t to look at all 17 pages at once and let that worry him. He set a goal of 1 page at a time. The next thing he knew, his homework was done.

My son, C.J., shared the Simone football ceremony with me. The ceremony honored Nathan Stiles (the Spring Hill football player who died this season) and Trevor Roberts (the Kansas high school player who lost part of leg due to a hit during a football game). Kansas City Chief’s players Matt Cassell and Thomas Jones gave speeches to the students in attendance. Bubba Starling won the Simone Award as the most outstanding Kansas City metro high school player. Bubba gained over 3200 yards with an impressive 2417 on the ground in 12 games. C.J. shared with me that you need to set your goals in order to succeed. He then headed to work on some goals for next year.

After my boys shared their day, I shared with them my day. First I attended a very successful Kansas City SEO meeting and we worked on a new social bookmarking site that Karl Koele introduced. I then thanked my boys for the incredible help they have done on the Kansas City Social Media breakfast and that the next event is December 9th at the Olathe Houlihan’s.

Next, I helped my fellow ReBarCamp Committee members contribute 35,000 meals to Harvesters, a local Kansas City food bank.. I shared with my boys that Harvesters is a Kansas City food bank that helps 620 non-profit agencies feed 66,000 people each week. Harvesters really needs help of the local Kansas City community throughout the year because 50% of their donations comes in the months of November and December. The summer is when Harvesters really needs help because that is when kids are out of school and that is when Harvesters gets the fewest donations. The ReBarCamp Committee will be looking to move next years event from the fall to the summer.

The following people really helped make this past years ReBarCamp become a success: Chris Drayer, Michael Russell, Michael Pierce, Stacey Johnson-Cosby, Cindy Dicianni, Catherine Thomson and of course myself, Chris Dowell. If you would like to contribute to the next ReBarCamp via as a sponsor, speaker or committee person, feel free to contact any of the committee members.

What did you do today?

What is ReBarCamp?

“ReBarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.”

It’s simple.. it’s people meeting people, learning, sharing, gathering, and networking. The knowledge you gain at ReBarCamp is invaluable.. the friendships and associations you make, will change your life and your business!

RE Bar Camp is what YOU Make it… every person has an individual take-away!

This past year’s ReBarCamp was held at the Town Pavillion in downtown Kansas City. This year we’re looking for a new venue.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Olathe 5th Grader Has Guts Behind the Wheels....

This Olathe 5th Grader Has Guts Behind the Wheels....

Every now and then I get busy...too busy. Forgetting to “stop and smell the roses” isn’t CLOSE; I forget the whole garden.

Maybe you’re not like me, but I start thinking about an uphill battle here and there, a little pressure, or maybe the other way....A little lull in sales.....Know what I mean?

It comes to my attention there’s a local student in Olathe who maybe has a little more in the way of courage and guts than I do.

This little guy drives an unusual set of wheels to school. He’s into “green” technology; his wheels are battery powered...That’s good news for the environment.  And with a commute of a mile and an eighth, it’s an inexpensive trip. As he weaves in and out of traffic, he watches carefully, observes all of the rules of the road, as well as the laws that govern the “privilege” of driving on our beautifully maintained roads in the great state of Kansas.

Of course, while most kids his age would love to ride to school, would love the wind in their hair, the freedom....he hasn’t really had a choice this school year.

Every time his school bus arrives early and leaves early from his stop, this little guy earns the “privilege” of driving his wheelchair over a mile to school in the morning.

This 5th grader loves his new school, wants to be around his new friends, loves to learn....Doesn’t expect any favors. His Muscular Dystrophy prevents him from travelling without his wheelchair, but that doesn’t dampen his spirits. His single mom would help but she has two jobs and four other kids to also raise. She is already at work when the her 5 kids are heading out the door to school.

Calling the bus service doesn’t seem to work, because it keeps happening.

This 5th grader has a happy go lucky attitude despite his handicap. He is always cheerful, happy and wants to do what any other 5th grader does.

This 5th grader has guts behind those wheels. When you are faced with a challenge do you complain or do you face the obstacle? If you were a 5th grader, would you ride your wheelchair over a mile to get to school? Over and over?

Probably too much to ask, but for those of you blessed to ride a school bus, remember, arriving early and leaving early may help the remainder of your route more bearable, but maybe, just maybe, it’s worth it to arrive and leave on time.

Me, I’m encouraged to be slow down a bit. I’m thankful for the freedom to pursue a living through an industry I love to promote, to work in our metro community everyday, to raise healthy kids....And to share these words with you.

What are you thankful for today?

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Blog post written by the Dowell Taggart Team of RE/MAX Best Associates

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