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Monday, January 21, 2013

It is a great time to sell in the Olathe, Kansas subdivision, Persimmon Hill - Olathe, KS. real estate stats

Persimmon Hill Subdivision Real Estate Market Stats
Persimmon Hill  is a subdivision In Western  Olathe, Kansas

Persimmon Hill Subdivision Real Estate Stats in Olathe, Kansas:

FACT: There is a 1.7 months supply of real estate inventory in the Persimmon Hill Subdivision.

FACT: During the past 6 months, 14 homes have sold in the Persimmon Hill Subdivision.

FACT: The highest sales price was $226,789 the past 6 months in the Persimmon Hill Subdivision.

FACT: The average sales price of the 14 Persimmon Hill Subdivision homes that have sold calculates to be $183,139.

FACT: The average Persimmon Hill Subdivision home sold in 62 days!

FACT: The real estate market in Persimmon Hill Subdivision is a Seller's Market - It is a great time to Sell!

FACT: There arehomes for sale and 1 home is currently under contract in the Persimmon Hill Subdivision.

Persimmon Hill Subdivision Real Estate Stats
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Real Estate Stats pulled from Heartland MLS and deemed reliable but not guaranteed; Check the post date for relevancy; Stats cover approximately the past 6 months of real estate market activity

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