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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Places to Buy Saltwater Fish and Coral in Johnson County, Kansas.

Many people find relaxation by doing different things. For some people, it is a 2 week vacation to the beach. For others it is a weekend trip to the Ozarks.

Other forms of relaxation maybe a night out at the movies or a day trip to Hillsdale Lake.

What do you do for relaxation?

I find relaxation in watching my corals and fish in my 200 gallon saltwater aquarium. My aquarium is in my home office. When I'm working on a tough marketing project, I will stare into my aquarium.

Often times I'm asked by friends about where to get saltwater fish, corals and aquariums in Johnson County, Kansas. Here are my favorites in no particular order.:

  1. Mission Pet Mart – Located at 6900 Martway Street.
    Pros: Good selection of fish and corals. Mission Pet Mart has some of the best prices on corals in Johnson County. The staff is knowledgeable. Occasionally, they will sell you something that might not fit your fish tank. Also have an average assortment of fish supplies and chemicals. I have bought a few fish and coral from Mission Pet Mart and have been happy.
    Cons: Very little to any assortment of aquariums. Don't even really have 30 and 55 gallon aquariums on stock. Will offer to special order you an aquarium. Son of owner will custom design a large aquarium, I have been told. Called him 3 times and never heard back. I did buy a sea cucumber from Mission Pet Mart. Salesman said that they are relatively harmless. After seeing a sea cucumber wipe out a friends tank, I removed mine from my tank.
  2. Pet Stop – 6218 Nieman in Shawnee, Kansas.
    Pros: Good assortment of mostly freshwater aquariums.
    Cons: No saltwater fish and little selection of saltwater supplies. Mainly stock freshwater fish.
  3. Aquarium Wholesale – 20700 W. 151st Street in Olathe, Kansas (Mall of the Great Plains or whatever the new name is today.). I recommend this store, just be cautious when purchasing. You will get better deals is they know you.
    Pros: One of the largest selections of fish, corals and used tanks and supplies. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Prices are very reasonable and they like to wheel and deal.
    Cons: Know what you want before you head in. I have run in for one item and have been convinced that I need another item. My external pump on my sump went out. Rushed in and the owner sold me a ¼ the size internal pump. I was told by a staff member later that they were low on pumps and was sold what they had. Also, prices in ads are ½ of what they actually are priced in store. Few prices are on tanks. One night, my wife was quoted a price on a fish that was $30 more than what I was quoted. Also the store is in a mall that charges 10% tax.
  4. Olathe Pet Shop – 16651 W. 151st Street in Olathe, Kansas.
    Pros: The owner is an ex-manager of Pet World in Lawrence, Kansas. He is very knowledgeable and honest. Stands behind his warranty. Had a couple saltwater fish die before I got home. He replaced them 3 weeks later. Good prices. He can special order anything.
    Cons: More of a pet shop that dabbles in saltwater. Small selection of saltwater supplies and fish.
  5. Paradise Aquatics – 7512 W. 119th Street in Overland Park, Kansas.
    Pros: Honest and Knowledgeable. They ask a lot of questions so they can give you the best advice. I have actually had them refuse to sell me things because I was rushing things and mixing incompatible fish and corals. Great selection of fish, corals and aquariums. I have been incredibly happy with every purchase I have made from them.
    Cons: Only real con is prices. They have the highest prices in town. I guess their knowledge is worth something.
  6. Picasso Exotic Aquatics – 11560 Ash Street in Leawood, Kansas. (Just discovered this fish store). I would definetley visit this store.
    Pros: Your imagination will wonder in this fish store. Best selection of fish and corals in Johnson County. Tanks are beautiful and very well cleaned. Prices are reasonable on fish and coral. They have a large selection of high end corals and fish. Manager is very curtious and helpful the one time I visited.
    Cons: Although their fish are priced average, their specialty tanks are high priced. You will not find their tanks in most stores.
  7. Reef Brothers – Online Saltwater Fish Store located in Johnson County.
    Pros: Lowest prices of fish and coral in Johnson County. Knowledgeable on coral.
    Cons: Small selection of fish and coral. In order to buy without ordering online, you need to make an appointment which are typically nights and weekends. Most orders are mail orders.

    Other places worth noting are Pet World in Lawrence (Chris the fish manager is very helpful. Made quite a few purchases from Pet World) and Fish World in Blue Springs. I haven't explored many of the Missouri fish stores yet. 

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