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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Overland Park web-developer develops a useful WordPress utility

Online PR News – 05-March-2010 – March 5th, 2010, Overland Park, Kansas a Kansas City-based web-developer has released WordPress GADGET, the first ever theme utility for the popular blogging platform, WordPress. the new theme utility empowers individuals and businesses who may not have the technical know-how to customize a website, as well as WordPress developers who are looking to streamline their design process.

WordPress GADGET was developed to eliminate the need for coding knowledge, as well as WordPress frameworks, themes and child themes, which can be time-consuming to create, costly to purchase and very difficult to modify. Thus, GADGET rolls all of these applications, plus many new features, into one ‘theme utility,’ a comprehensive product never before offered for WordPress. I developed GADGET to incorporate all of the features I wished Id had with other themes and frameworks Id downloaded. there just wasnt anything out there that did everything I needed and did it efficiently so that there was no need to overwrite code, explains Kent Politsch, WordPress GADGET Developer.

WordPress is a popular blogging platform. It is great to see a Kansas City local develop such a useful utility.

For more information, go to: Socialmedia - New WordPress Theme Utility Allows Users to Create Websites Without Coding
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will Kansas City Businesses Benefit From Blogging?

There never a week that goes by when someone tells me that they don't have time for blogging. There is also never a week that goes by that I see or hear that a business is going out of business.

Look around! We all see the out of business signs, closed doors, and going out of business sales. One common characteristic of these businesses is that the management or ownership teams didn't adapt to the new media. Sure they may have been on Facebook, Twitter, had a website and blogged. Did they really use them consistently and correctly?  Did they try to sell on Facebook and blog every other week? In my opinion, social media used incorrectly is a big waste of time.

Does adapting to the new media really work? According to Hubspot they have found that businesses that blog experienced 126% higher lead growth than businesses that don't blog. That is motivation in itself, isn't it?

Blogger, Seth Godin, wrote a book and released it yesterday. Rather than promoting his book the old traditional way, he decided on using new media. Instead of contacting newspapers & magazines he contacted top bloggers and tweeters. You probably have guessed why I'm telling you about Seth's new book. It's receiving great reviews and it going off the shelves like hotcakes at a pancake breakfast.

Kansas City businesses that haven't adapted to new media, will probably be out of business in the next 2 years. The first step in establishing a marketing plan involving new media is to start a blog. My two favorite blogging platforms are Blogger and Wordpress.

If you're a Kansas City business owner or manager and need help adapting to the new media, maybe we should connect. I offer "FREE" weekly social media workshops.

blog post written by the Dowell Taggart Team of RE/MAX Best Associates. Your Kansas City Real Estate Social Media Master!
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