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Friday, May 14, 2010

Integrity, It's What You Do....with needles and everything

By Martin Taggart

I'm siting in the eye doctor's office, waiting my turn, and I have a little routine I follow whenever I'm bored....Check the texts and emails first, make sure no one is waiting for a return contact, scan my surroundings, looking for reading material, (love to read, just difficult to find the time), and usually settle in with the latest "TIME", or "NEWSWEEK"....not today....

I am the worst peoplewatcher....Just glancing around, wondering what their stories are....So anyway, this office is wayyy overcrowded, and I'm listening to complaints, concerns, fear, etc....If you're near me, I'm watching you.

And today I'm listening....Mostly complaints.

Then slowly an older woman accompanied by her husband rolls through the doorway from the trreatment area.....In a loud voice, she tells she's sorry to keep us all waiting....She fell out of her chair and needed help to get back in....Compounding the issue, her husband had taken a spill helping the helpers get his wife back in the chair....

"He's not as graceful as he used to be!", she offers, as we all chuckle along.

A smile here, a smile there....I figure most folks are thinking what I'm thinking...."No matter how bad I feel today, I have it pretty good".

The desk assistant stands up, apologizes, and asks we all have our insurance data out and ready, and that we be prepared to move through our appointments quickly, as there are plenty of people who need to see the doctor today....And she's pleasant, friendly, efficient without acting uncaring.....Basically, she's moving the crowd along in an effort to get all of us the service we need.

The doctor sees me, gives me the bad news; I'll need a procedure done today...with needles and everything. Needles....Ugh!  Hate 'em.  I'm more scared than my 8 year old....Gory details aside, the pain lasted an eternity....Maybe 12 minutes.

Sitting there recovering, (quit laughing) started thinking about the older couple who laughed about their troubles....I laughed with them, but was it my nerves, or something else?

As uncomfortable as my eye feels, it's reminding of  the big difference between my words and my actions. I realize I need to be vigilant if I want to live a life I’m proud of and be a good role model for those around me. 

Oh yeah....I help people buy and sell homes. Call me if you need me....Unless it involves needles.

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