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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How can I prevent a real estate commission charge to show up on the HUD?

How can I prevent a real estate commission charge to show up on the HUD?

Question: I am buying a home in Leawood, Kansas and my buyer's agent added a $500 fee on the HUD that she says her office charges. I have reviewed our contract and I don't see it. When I questioned her she said it must have been omitted and she wants to redo the buyer's agency contract. I don't agree with this and I told her. She said that her office will not allow the sale to go through without the fee being charged. Is this legal?
Henry J. from Overland Park, Kansas

Answer: Henry, I would have a sit down talk with your agent and her broker. What she is doing is not a practice that is shared with most real estate agents in Kansas City. In addition, a real estate commission can't be charged unless agreed upon in writing beforehand. When you have the sit down meeting, take your paperwork including the buyers agency contract.

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