Friday, May 11, 2012

First Time Home Buyer Bought a Nightmare in Olathe, Kansas - Please stop the barking dogs!

Question: I bought my first house in Olathe last year and it is becoming a nightmare. Since I have moved in, I have not had one night of good sleep because the neighbors four dogs bark all night. Id there anything I can do?
Jack P. from Olathe, Kansas

Answer: So you bought your first house and it is a nightmare, Jack. Sorry to hear that. Buying a home should be a pleasant experience, not a nightmare.

First, I would talk to your neighbors and see if they might understand and bring the dogs in at night. If that doesn't work, don't worry, you have options.

First, you can file a complaint with animal control. Animal control will send a "No Barking Letter" to the homeowner. Typically a fine or two will get the homeowner to cooperate. Keep contacting animal control until the barking stops.

Next, you can contact animal control about the neighbors having four dogs and see if your neighbor has a special use permit. If the homeowner does not have a special use permit, they can be cited and issued a fine.

Homeowners who have been in your situation tell me that these two options work.

Here is the website for Olathe Animal Control Ordinaces

Good luck Jack.

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