Friday, May 18, 2012

Dog in Olathe is attacking my kids - Help!

Question: I read your post last week about barking dogs. I have a bigger problem. My new neighbors small dog climbs the fence and attacks my kids in my backyard. Almost daily my wife or I have to corral the dog and put it back in the neighbors yard. We have repeatedly  spoken to the neighbor but nothing gets done. What can I do? I live in Olathe, Also.
Kerry L. from Olathe, KS.

Answer: Sorry to hear about your problem, Kerry. Nobody wants to see their kids attacked.

First, I would talk to your neighbor once more and follow up with a letter. If the neighbor does not take care of the situation, contact the Olathe Animal Control when the dog leaves your neighbors yard. The Olathe Animal Control will talk to your neighbor and may issue warnings or fines if needed. Olathe Animal Control will also be happy to discuss with you your possible options.

Olathe Animal Control Ordinances

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